Chiropractic Testimonials

"Awesome Doc with a heart of gold! He's a true professional and knows how to provide really great scientifically based care that will get you results!"

- Tim

"Doc Dan is the best chiropractor there is. He is my lifesaver and he keeps me walking and not hurting."

- Gal

"Compassionate doctor with one mission in mind: your good health."

- Wade

"This place is unreal!! Dr.Dan is very knowledgeable and will definitely get you back on track to true health!!"

- Mike

"I went to Dr. Dan thinking I was just going to get some adjustments and get some temporary relief from my neck, shoulder, back and hip pain but boy was I wrong. Dr. Dan set up a plan for me that is helping get me on the right track to not only relive my pain but fix the issues (as best that can be). Dr. Dan was so awesome that I have brought my son into start treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Dan and his team. They are absolutely AMAZING!"

- Jessica


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